From May, 30, to June, 6, representatives of the NGO ‘Social Health and Safety Initiatives’ attended an international training session dedicated to psychology, conflict resolution and refugee issues. The circle of the participants was rich and encompassed twenty young representatives from Turkey, Kosovo, Romania, Austria, Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine. These countries are either affected by war now or still dealing with the consequences of the violent past.

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The participants spent a week living in a house in the mountains with no internet or television. Frankly speaking, this was the key aspect that facilitated and fostered communication, grouping and learning. Everyone was engaged, either in organizational processes or with house duties. Every evening ended up with a soulful singing and playing the guitar around the bonfire.

The training organized by our Italian colleagues required full involvement and devotion of the participants. It was based on constant work with partners and trainers with the help of theatrical approaches. 

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Representatives of our organization have also visited safe heaven for refugees. Most of them were from African countries. Some of their stories have struck us to the depths of the soul. One man fled from Congo, after having survived an attempted murder because of the political career of his father. Another went to study in Europe, did not got enrolled in the university and decided not to return to his country, because of the war that set out while he was away. One man is waiting to get European residence permission for almost four years, without the right to leave the territory of a shelter. 

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On our last day we performed a show for our Italian friends about the week we spent together. It symbolized the finale of the first phase of the training. The second one will take place in October, where team leaders will bring two girls and two boys aged between 19-25 to the house in the mountains near Orvieto, Italy.

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It goes without saying that the training has broadened our qualifications, helped us to gain priceless experience and important knowledge. We got to know stories of very different people. We have also acquired a bit more of courage thanks to the helping hand of to the caring hosting organization’s members — Associazione Artemide. As far as we are constantly implementing refugee projects, this training does come in hand and we will use the acquired knowledge in our work.



On September 23rd, hundreds of Kyivites and guests of the capital spent their Saturday off at the Central Park of Culture and Recreation "Mariinsky", near the "Musly" stage.


There was an already-traditional, city-wide social and cultural event "The youth of Kiev invites you". Its programme consisted of: a festival of umbrellas of goodness, games, quests, skypark, and a show. Social services for urban families were also presented. As part of the celebration of the NGO "Social health and Safety Initiatives", with financial support from the European Union, a quest on the rights #ChildRightsChallenge, was held, in which 22 teams took part.


There was no “retreat”, in the amount of people willing to take part in the quest, as it offers a new interactive approach involving modern technology. Deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Alexey Reznikov, during a personal meeting with Ilona Eleneva, Director of the NGO “Social Initiatives on keeping good Occupational health and general health”, expressed gratitude for the contribution to the integration of children in the community of Kiev, and the Chief of the Children’s Services of Kyiv, Valery Tantsyura, presented a certificate of honor to the organization’s districts to facilitate the recreation of children in the city of Kiev.


We recall that during 2016-2017, within the framework of the New Home project, with the financial support of the European Commission, the NGO "Social Health and Safety Initiatives", in partnership with the NOSU, organized summer and winter camps for 540 children affected by the war in Eastern Ukraine and were moved to Kyiv and Odessa oblast.

On November 29, a final roundtable was held within the framework of the project “New Home: community reintegration and psychosocial support of internally displaced children in Kyiv and Odessa region”, which was implemented by the NGO "Labor and Health Social Initiatives" with financial support of European Union.
The participants were not only thirteen guarantees and partners of the project, but representatives of International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI, Netherlands) and National Scouts Organization of Ukraine. Representatives of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and of the EU representation in Ukraine were also visited a round table. The first part of the event was dedicated to the performance of the children – participants of the “New Home” project.

Everyone here could tell about their participation in the project and the results received in the process of work. Most children said that “New Home” project helped them to find new friends, expand the circle of interests and learn how to set new goals and achieve them. The second part of the event was devoted to highlighting the results that were achieved by project grantees. The participants shared their successes, talked about the difficulties and asked questions to the project partners - representatives of the International Child Development Initiatives, on the implementation of the Nest-Center methodology - the technology of working with children on the community level. This approach has been successfully applied to social adaptation, integration of children in difficult living conditions, including children affected by war. In general, speaking about the results of the two-year work of the project “New Home” in figures: sub-grants were provided to 13 local civil society organizations. The services of CSO’s covered 3702 children from 576 families. Also 2 environment children friendly centers were created. Scout camps for IDP children were organized (584 children took part in the camps). Information campaign is being held to integrate to integrate the local IDP children communities "Join the #ChildRightsChallenge Quest: You Have the Right to Know". The peculiarity of the campaign was the active children involvement in the process of its formation and implementation through interactive games and quests on children's rights. In total, at least 7717 children are covered by various services, of which 3683 boys and 4034 girls, 3598 of the covered children are IDP and 1025 families covered by the project are IDP families.

“We implemented the project not about children, but for children. That is why we paid much attention to the children’s involvement at all stages of the project - to create and implement an info company on children's rights, in carrying out various activities, camps for children, even when evaluating the project. We are grateful for our partners initiatives - ICDI and NOSU, which helped us to combine the international experience of creating a child friendly environment with a national context.”- Ilona Yelelynva, the Director of the NGO "Labour and Health Social Initiatives” summed up the event.

Europe Day is being celebrated in Ukraine on the third Saturday of May since 2003 and this year it was special due to the expectations of forthcoming visa liberation regimen for Ukrainians. A group of children from the kids’ school of journalism supported by the LHSI within EU funded project “New Home: integration and psychosocial support to internally displaced children in Kyiv and Odesa oblast” actively participated in the Kyiv celebrations and prepared their reports on this Day.


 Children aged 9-15 years old including those displaced from Crimea and Donbas weekly attended classes for kids in the School of Journalism "". The work of this school run by the NGO “Crimean right protection initiative” was supported with the grant in the frame of the New Home Project aimed at effective integration of internally displaced children in their new communities in Kyiv and Odesa oblast.

There were some other initiatives supported by the Project that trained internally displaced children together with the children from the host communities in journalism, film making, art or theatre. All this joint activities provide supportive environment for the kids-newcomers to feel comfortable in their new homes as well as to get new friends and contacts. These afterschool activities help them to feel better and to find more understanding from the host communities telling their own stories or presenting their vision of community life for the public. Look forward for more kids’ reports soon!


“Labor and Heath Social Initiatives” (LHSI) on May 23 became a member of the Forum of civil society organizations in Kyiv: “Cooperation and Development”. The forum held in the NSC “Olympic” with the participation of Mayor Mr. Vladimir Klitschko.     

Our organization prepared booklet with information about NEST-centers and organizations which using approaches or principles of these centers, which were supported by LHSI “New home” project especially for forum.

The booklet material caused interest and positive feedback from the participants of the Forum, who quickly took all presented copies.

This year Ukraine for the first time joined the global action «Light Up the World for TB». On the initiative of LHSI and with support of Kyiv authorities, particularly of the territorial medical association «Phthisiology» and Kyiv City Center for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth there was organized a flash-mob to support the international initiative of the International Partnership «Stop TB» (Stop TB partnership). 

The initiative was to light up famous monuments of Kyiv with red light, namely the monument of Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka, who suffered because of tuberculosis. This flash-mob aimed to remind about necessity of uniting efforts in the struggle against tuberculosis and to show worldwide that Kiev joined the global initiative.

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On this site you can see cities that joined the initiative, Kyiv is one of them:


The TB issue in our country is one of the state policy priorities in the field of health and social development. Today Ukraine has a law "On TB resistance" and also the city program of counteraction against tuberculosis approved in the years 2017 - 2021.


There are about 30 000 new registered TB infection cases every year in Ukraine. One of six patients dies, though this disease is completely curable. But everyone has a chance to be healthy; it just requires little time to do x-ray and contact your family doctor to prevent this dangerous disease.

From the beginning of the year 2016 our organization has been implementing the Project «New Home: community reintegration and psychosocial support of internally displaced children in Kyiv and Odesa oblast» supported by the EU.

Objectives of the project:

The overall objective is to promote and strengthen the involvement of civil society organisations in broader rehabilitation and reintegration programmes to provide recovery and psychological assistance for internally displaced children and children affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

The specific objective is to improve community reintegration and psychosocial support of internally displaced children (IDC) in Kyiv and Odesa oblast.

Target group(s):

Internally displaced children, IDC parents, targeted Kyiv city and Odesa oblast communities where IDC are settled, psychologists, social workers, other child care professionals of state and non-government organizations providing support to IDC all over Ukraine. 

Estimated results:

1. Improved capacity of local civil society organizations (CSOs), other children-oriented local services to provide adequate psychosocial support to internally displaced children (IDC);

2. Improved integration of IDC within their local host communities.

Main activities:

- Assessment of capacities of CSOs and mapping existing local services for supporting IDC;

- Developing methodology and Guidelines for intervention for IDC and children affected by armed conflict;

- Trainings and webinars for professionals on developed methodology;

- Psycho-social support to most vulnerable IDC at the local level;

- Support to internally displaced families.

- Developing Local plans for integration of IDC in their host communities;

- Sub-grants to local CSOs to implement reintegration activities at the community level;

- Conduct summer camps for most vulnerable IDC;

- Awareness raising campaigns in communities to increase tolerance towards IDP/IDC;

- Best practice distribution and experience exchange.

Kyiv held a seminar on 8-10 of December on the topic “Creating and organization of activity in community centers of extracurricular activities for children, who were in difficult circumstances”. The event was organized by “Labor and Heath Social Initiatives”(LHSI) in partnership with Netherlands foundation “International Child Development Initiatives”(ICDI) with financial support of EU in framework of the project “A New Home”.

This seminar was for increasing professional competence for service providers on creation and organization of cells targeted to the needs of children in difficult life circumstances.

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The director of ICDI Mattays Euvema and senior manager in the implementation of the programs Rutger van Odenhoven familiarized the participants with the European experience on the “Nest” Centers organization activities development and basic approaches on work with children in difficult life circumstances. Participants have learned about methods and practices on community involvement to support and activity centers for children development.

The participants visited the exhibition called “What is your name” at the last day of training, December 10. This event was dedicated to the problems of social adaptation and internally displacement person’s family integration.

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After the end of exposition excursion the seminar participants continue to discuss principles and work methods on children and families who are in difficult circumstances particularly on IDP children and families in the semi-structured discussion club form within the exhibition. As the impression of the seminar expectations of the vast majority of participants are quite justified. Only two participants rated the seminar as “good” and the rest find it “excellent”. Participants noted exhibition’s accessibility, clarity, versatility and fullness.

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