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The specialists of the Labor and Health Social Initiatives held a brief monitoring about the statistical information of the IDP’s children in Ukraine and their basic needs.

Due to the data of UNHCR in Ukraine (http://unhcr.org.ua) and Interdepartmental Coordination Staff of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (http://www.mns.gov.ua) by March 12th 2015 there are near 1, 100, 000 people who are internally displaced inside the country.

There are also many children among them. Here are the numbers of them by regions of Ukraine:

Kharkiv region - 17 424 children, Lugansk region - 11 041 children, Донецька – 21777 children, Dnipropetrovs’k region - 15 016 children, Zaporizhia region - 1 209 children, Kyiv region - 8 169 children, Kyiv city- 10 181 children, Ternopil region - 630 children, Chernivtsy region - 798 children, Ivano-Frankivs’k region - 989 children, Zakarpattya region – 955 children, Volyn’ region - 1 029 children andRivne region - 1 076 children. Overall there are 90 285 internally displaced children in Ukraine who are registered, but the real number can be much higher.

Due to the analysis, the main needs of such children are:

1) Food, especially cereals, tea, sugar, coffee, biscuits

2) Baby food, especially cereals and butter

3) Household chemicals - powders, detergents

4) Personal care products - soap, shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, towels and diapers (size - 2, 3, 4)

5) Warm clothes of different sizes (ranging from newborns)

6) For schoolchildren (pencils, albums, rulers, pens, etc.)

7) Books and toys

8) Warm blankets

9) Children's spring shoes of different sizes (ranging from newborns)

12) Medicines for children (anti-virus drugs, nose drops, syrups), sedatives (for example, novopassyt) and the drug Canephron in drops for children with renal failure.

Information was collected through NGOs of Kyiv city and our partners - Social Centers from the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Specialists of LHSI will continue to collect such information regularly, especially about the number of displaced children within the country and their basic needs in order to organize humanitarian, medical and financial assistance.

If you would like to help, please contact: Kyiv, Blvd. Druzhby Narodiv 14, office 23, phone: (044) 528 21 27, 529-12-99.